Monte Malhotra Matt Cook
Monte Malhotra first developed his love of finance at the age of 9 and founded Money Intelligence to solve America's retirement problem and help every American reach a secure retirement. He has authored two books: The Young Investor's Guide to Real Estate Investing: 25 Secrets for Success and The Young Investor's Guide to Retiring Young. After seeing the devastation of poor personal finances on the economy through the Great Recession, he founded the non-profit, Future Investors of America, to more actively educate young professionals to make intelligent financial decisions. At Stanford, he was also President and Director of the Charles R. Blyth Fund, an investment group that managed a six-figure portfolio under the Stanford endowment. He has also worked professionally as an Investment Banker for Jefferies & Co. and in Corporate Finance at VMware Inc. He received his B.A. in Economics from Stanford University and is Series 65 licensed.
Matt Cook, Ph.D. is an economist and Los Angeles Times bestselling author based in Los Angeles. Hisbooks include Sleight of Mind (2020) from MIT Press, a nonfiction book on paradoxes in mathematics, physics, and philosophy; The Startup Star (2010), a book on entrepreneurial strategy that has been used at the Stanford Graduate School of Business; and several others. He is a regular guest lecturer at universities. In 2010 Matt cofounded United States Common Sense, formerly the country’s premier government data transparency organization. The organization’s research and data appeared in Bloomberg, Reuters, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, ABC, Fox, NBC, CBS, and many other news sources. Matt also founded Braveship Media, a studio with operations in book publishing, game development, and film finance. He has also served as a private equity consultant in Los Angeles. Matt earned his bachelors and masters at Stanford University and his doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania as an NSF Scholar.
Shri Dodani Harsh Singh
Shri Dodani joined the Money Intelligence team because he has seen firsthand the pains companies go through to offer 401(k) plans to their employees. He is a veteran executive of both the computer and communications industry with engineering, sales and marketing experience at major silicon, systems and software companies. Prior to Money Intelligence, Mr. Dodani was CEO and President of StrataLight Communications. He has held several executive positions at Intel, including business development in the Consumer Electronics Group and general management in the Communications Group. Mr. Dodani was the President and CEO at VxTel, a Silicon Valley Voice-over-IP silicon and software start-up that was acquired by Intel. Before VxTel, Mr. Dodani was Vice President, Engineering and Operations, at Carrier Access Corporation, with responsibility for engineering, product development, manufacturing and market introduction activities. Prior to Carrier Access, he served as an executive with major computer and communications companies such as Nortel, Alcatel, ADC Telecommunications and Computer Automation.
Harsh Singh joined the Money Intelligence team to enable every company in America to offer a high-quality 401(k) plan and empower everyone to invest with confidence for their retirements. Prior to Money Intelligence, Harsh held an array of engineering positions at Shape Security and Juniper Networks. Harsh holds a B.S. from the University of California, Santa Barbara in Computer Science.
Lalit Sethi  
Lalit Sethi joined the Money Intelligence team to democratize access to high quality investment advice for every American through their 401(k) plans. Prior to Money Intelligence, Lalit has held senior engineering positions for a number of technology companies internationally. Lalit holds a Bachelors in Technology in Computer Science Engineering from the Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering & Technology.
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Even if you don't choose us to manage your accounts, please ask your advisor
if they are a fiduciary and how they make their money. The answer could surprise you.